About the Fleet

With over 30 boats, Fleet 5 is one of the most active one-design classes in Annapolis.  Our purpose is: to promote the continued enjoyment of Harbor 20 Class Yachts in fair, Corinthian, one-design racing, and in day sailing and other social activities; to promote friendship among owners and crews; and to support charities through fundraising and regatta participation.

In the Spring and Summer, our boats are raced in the competitive AYC Wednesday Night Race series, and through the winter months in the AYC Frostbite Series. In addition, the boats and owners participate in the H20 Fleet 5 Spring and Fall Championship Regattas which decide the Class Champion and selection to participate in the annual East-West Challenge Cup.  The H20 East-West Challenge Cup includes sailors from Annapolis (Fleet 5), Hilton Head (Fleet 3), Charlotte Harbor, FL (Fleet 6), Santa Barbara (Fleet 4), Smith Mountain Lake VA (Fleet 7) (our newest fleet) and Newport Beach (Fleet 1) and the location rotates annually from west coast to east coast.  Fleet 5 hosted the 2017 East-West Challenge Cup in September with pictures of the spectacular event available on the Gallery page.  The Fleet also supports the Leukemia Cup, CRAB BYBG Regatta, and the Hospice Cup rounding out an active and challenging annual racing schedule.

Fleet 5 is a “Can Do” Group! (20 JUN 2020)

Thank you to Bell, the Carty family, Mark Kiefaber, and Anne Harrington. Except for a little thing like thunderheads all around, today’s Fun Sail went off without a hitch. Marino did his best to hold off the storms, but the weather Gods could not understand his Italian accent, so they didn’t listen. Bell ran the launch and recovery with an iron hand as expected. As a stalwart Boy Scout leader, she was totally “prepared” and her whole family was there to help. They were in a complete state of readiness in mind and body to do their helpful duty. Once again the race course was expertly managed by Brevet PRO Kiefaber and his unwavering lieutenant, Queen Anne Harrington. Although only on station for a short period, the course was set and not a second of the countdown was missed. Anne also provided a wonderful boat lunch. Lucky Mark! And lastly, thank you to the Fleet for your enthusiasm and participation. 12 boats were on the line! It was nice to to see you out there. A special thanks to Jim Hyde. Our patient Dockmaster who did the NASCAR dash by singlehandedly launching our fleet only to turn around a ½ hour later for recovery. Thank you, Jim!

Copy of Harbor 20 Owner's Manual (12 MAY 2020)

A number of members of Fleet 5 have lamented the fact that their Owner's Manual "went missing" over the years they have owned the boat - or they did not receive one when the bought their boat from a prior owner. As a reference for Harbor 20 owners in this situation, we have scanned a copy of a version of the Manual which can be located here. This copy is vintage hull number 205.

Cancellation of the 2020 Harbor 20 Class Championship; Plans Underway for 2021 Event (12 MAY 2020)

In the pre-COVID world, we would have been excitedly preparing for the 2020 Class Championships later this week. But alas we are just left to dream of what might have been ("I know I could have won this year!") and look ahead to the event in 2021.

We are in continuous contact with our Fleet leaders and members for insight and wisdom on how we adjust the remainder of our 2020 activity schedule in light of COVID-19, as well as plan for a great 2021 Championship in Annapolis next year. The opening of recreational boating offers a glimmer of hope that racing may return before the end of the season but, as always, safety first.

Our members are second to none in their love of sailing, fun, friendship, teaching, and learning. COVID-19 might be impacting our sailing and racing schedules but it will never dampen our spirit!

In the interim and most importantly: be safe, stay healthy, and remain caring and compassionate to all who need it during this challenging time (HINT: that is all of us).

If you are interested in learning more about Harbor 20 Fleet 5 and how you can get in on the fun this year, please send a note to Communications@Harbor20Annapolis.org Thank you!