Ken Appleton (Brilliant 427) says:

I went out yesterday to practice starts. I contemplated the existence of space/time as expressed by Steven Hawking; the concept of motivational internalisum of Kant, Drucker and Toni Robbins melded with the Zen of The Buda and Spock. This lead to the contemplation of the nature of time found in St Augustine’s Confessions and the arguments for the existence of absolute space presented by Clark, which lead me to the inductive cosmology of Hume and Russell when the upper batten pocket blew out. This naturally caused me to think of Schopenhauer’s thoughts on philosophical pessimism and the metaphysical contemplation of the nature of the reality that I had to take the mainsail to the sail maker on Monday morning.

My problem with starts may be that I’m thinking too much.


(Maybe if I integrate String Theory, by which I mean sheets, halyards, cunningham and batten tension).

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