2020 National Championships

The Championship will be held as a part of the 2020 Helly Hansen NOOD Regattas in Annapolis MD from May 14-17, 2020. There will be three (3) days of racing (May 15, 16, and 17) with the maximum number of races, start time, and end time per day to be specified in the Notice of Race and/or the Sailing Instructions. In prior NOOD events, the scheduled time of the warning signal for the first start of the first race each day was 1100. On the last scheduled day of the regatta no warning signal was made after 1430. Note that Thursday, May 14 is a practice day; details to be provided separately.

Participation is open to all Association Members to participate as a Helmsman, provided he/she meets the requirements to sail in his or her Fleet Championship. If the Fleet does not have established requirements or the Helmsman is not aligned to a Fleet, the Helmsman must be an Owner Member is in good standing in the Class Association for at least 60 days prior to the event. The crew for the Class Championship must be a person who meets the basic principles and intent of Section II.A.4 of the Association By-Laws, and who is an Owner, Skipper or Associate Member of the Class, and who has sailed in at least twelve (12) Fleet or Class Races in the twelve months starting May 1, 2019.

Entries shall be submitted online at the Annapolis NOOD page of the Yacht Scoring website which should be live shortly at https://yachtscoring.com/select_event.cfm. Crew lists and waivers of liability also must be submitted by on-line registration. In order to complete the waiver online, skippers must complete the Crew List in the “Owner’s Corner” during the entry process. Subsequently, individual crew members will be notified by email of their boat’s entry and those crew members must follow up when notified in order to complete the waiver.

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